We Have Moved – www.arohaandfriends.co.nz

We will no longer be updating this website. We have put our shop and blog under the same roof and now we lives at www.arohaandfriends.co.nz

  1. Gill Gane says: 08/16/20128:47 pm

    I have talked with you at your store – I have some great ceramics and would like to know if you might like some for your shop? I Have NOONE in Napier these days? best Gill Gane 0212779966

  2. Phillipa Cowdrey says: 01/28/201310:47 am

    Hello Aroha!
    Miss Philly here (phillipa cowdrey) I make the leather wallets- hand carved and tooled. I came in the other week and met Rakai and xena…very nice to finally meet!!!……and saw the wallets were still there! I have like 3 here- if you wanted a few more- I would be happy to sell on behalf! one is more detailed with handpainted roses……I can send some photos if you like; ) I also have leather brooches (mexican ones -handpainted and printed) found on my website) anywho hope you are having a fun MONDAY. cheers Philly

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