Tane was looking for something for Chris from our favourite local spot Pipi. We came up with this little doozie.

we have been having some fun making these hand fonts lately. here is one from WD. hope you enjoy it.

download Deep.ttf here


a new print for this week, the Arohanui cushion, we have also printed it on a tee and paper.


we were invited to take part in a local fashion fundraiser for family works, a non profit organisation. we were happy to get involved but were not happy with the music being the wrong ttrack, willie d went to the trouble to make an exclusive track but some tech head pressing play on the cd player wouldn’t let him switch over to his music.

Provedore brings you another monthly installment on the first friday of july with a
special boogie fever party, throwing it back to strictly 70’s & 80’s dance floor classics
With local residents from the boogie down sound system and special guest lil b’ from the chill pill.

Maori All Blacks celebrate their centenary schedule undefeated! Ka Pai!

Nga Waiata Pour Homme with a beautiful collections of new designs for the special man in your life.

while sylvain was here one of his missions was to make these glass works he ahd been developing before leaving france. sylvain met up with wanganui glass artist katie brown and after a hui sylvain was on the bus to wangas’ to make it happen and these are the results.

Syvain Descazot and partner Anouk arrived in HB around october last year and approached us to use our printing department. we obliged and soon after had the pair working for us and after some six months the couple are returning to france. we like to think of it as our artist in resistance program, like woofing for creative travelers. we would like to keep the program running but are not sure if we will find as great a pair as these two french brettanians.

it’s hard to get some descent mags here in the bay. apart from the supermarket not too many specialty outlets exist anymore so we thought it a good idea to get some of our favourites that we can’t get anywhere else in store.