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Te Ohmz return this weekend for another session at Provedore. With Iraia and Sage as the rhythm section and then Ryan Prebble and Mara TK sharing the vocals and rhythm guitar duties this should be pretty dope.

Good denim is timeless and this season workshop go vintage with some nice worn bits. The thing that seems to be going crazy this season is navy stripped tees and knitwear. I was wondering whether the Coco Chanel film had anything to do with it. There is a scene where Coco goes to the seaside and is inspired by the fishermen in their big woolen coats and navy stripped tees. I don’t mind, they look great and it’s such a good look.

Helen Cherry has dropped the first batch of winter goodness including some beautiful dresses. always sexy and sophisticated and so damn hot.

Paula Coulthard is a textile artist and designer who made a name for herself creating up-cycled woolen homeware items and really nice hand made woolen coats and every year her work gets better and we reckon she is onto something with these Victorian inspired slips and dresses. Nice and light and loose and they look good on any body… easy. We have a few left but they won’t last long.

Rio is one of the baddest bass players in the country and now after trinity roots the brother has gone on to work on his solo album and has an EP and 12″ called Wahine Toa. Shit is dope with solid production from FFD’s DJ Fitchie. now out on vinyl at conch. Rio is on the road playing bass with Bic Runga, Tim Finn and old D. Dobbyn.

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Just recently Aroha Lamour, together with Hawthorne Coffee have set up a coffee machine in store. The coffee is fair trade organic and roasted especially for us!


The best thing about this is the style and the kraftwerk early digital sampled sound. I remeber first hearing this as a kid and it sounded so fresh and new, the sound of the future.

I printed this design on some nice lightweight hemp fabric we had lying aound the store. I thought black would be nice and after printing decided that a couple of cushions could be choice and here we have the result that i’m pretty happy with. I then started pondering whether i should do some more items like this and decided that yes i should. I had a think about branding – apparently i need to have a brand and one that stuck is Aroha&Friends. So there you have it, the humble beginnings of a little product range from Aroha&Friends. Sweet. Now i just have to come up with the rest of the collection.

Here is a new print. This store has been around for a really long time, i think since the 50′s. It is probably the longest standing shop front in Napier. It’s now up for sale along with a bit of land next to it and soon will be bowled and replaced by some fancy new development.

We have a new batch of clutches from Phillipa. All hand punched and the illustrations are all pretty amazing.

Marion Courtille hails from Paris and is now residing in Ahuriri for the time being. Marion is a designer working in the fields of furniture design and leather crafts and has created a lovely leather jewelley collection which we have in store.

Did this print up for a bit of fun. The frosty boy gets a bit of a re-edit.

I was browsing Grain Edit and i came accross this beauty which stopped me in my tracks. It is a postcard that depicts the story of Hinemoa & Tutanekai designed by Keith-yin Sun and Judi Chan of Pigeon Post based in Canada. They are pretty sweet and this has to be my favourite because of it’s content.

I get these DVD’s in the post from time to time and today arrived a Keith Haring documentary and what i realised by the end of it is he passed away exactly 20 years ago today.

It is hard not to be aware of Keith Haring’s work, even 20 years on one still sees his work on tees, record sleeves or in the streets around the world so i kind of knew his work and some of his iconic images he produced but never really knew who he was or where he was coming from and so it was good to see this workaholic artist who in a decade worked his ass of right up until his death.

What impresses me about Keith is how quickly his career took off. By the end of art school in 81 he was beginning to blow up and pretty much that year and the next saw him exhibiting all over the world. The amount of output blew me away as well, this guy was prolific and he painted with purpose, conviction and speed, almost like he was under voodoo. And even with so much attention and success always requested that where ever he goes in the world he must do a public piece or mural that would last long after he has gone.

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The Motown crew is in town right now and we just had Joe Herndon now of the Temptations in the store today. He needed his trousers mended before the gig and lucky Zena was there to save the day.

Here is one of my favourite jams from the Temptations. According to Joe this is not on the set list for the Mission. I guess with so many hits and such a short set a lot of songs won’t make the cut.

Just spying on the chaps over at TCSS and was pretty blown away by this sweet little number. Very nice indeed.

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Taniko by David Trubridge is a slim pendant light shade inspired by the woven patterns on cloaks and walls made by Maori. The shapes are designed so there is minimal waste from the CNC cutting process. Made from natural or caramel bamboo plywood and nylon cable ties.

The great thing about the internet is making connections and while browsing my stats i noticed page views coming from changethethought.com. I investigated and realised it is a site i remember checking a year or so ago and coveting a few of the prints. Change the Thought is “a resource for the global creative community” with contributors from around the globe. Sweet.


For a couple of weeks i have been thinking about a slow jam mix and with valentines around the corner i thought it time to get my shit together and make it happen. So here it is, some of my favourite slow jams specially prepared for Valentines. This goes out to Robyn Hereaka, a friend who was a slow jam mix tape master.

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1. Love T.K.O – Teddy Pendergrass 2. Slow Jam – Midnight Star 3. Tender Love – Force M.D.’s 4. Let’s Wait – Janet Jackson 5. Fried to Friend – Diana Ross 6. Remind Me – Patrice Rusheen 7. The Sweetest Taboo – Sade 8. Where Is The Love – Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway 9. Saturday Love – Charrelle feat. Alexander Oneal 10. Computer Love – Zapp 11. Juicy Fruit – Mtume 12. Oooh This is Love – Al B. Sure 13. Piece of My Love – Guy 14. Love Controversy – Part 1 – Loose Ends 15. Power of Passion – Inner City 16. Prototype – OutKast 17. Adore – Prince.

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I’ve decided i’m going to make Fridays a day where i post a you tube clip of a jam i really dig. here is the first offering, hope you like it, i had such a crush on Sheila E and still have the record that gets pulled out often. I was going to do Glamorous Life but couldn’t find a video for it but found this, back in the day when she has hanging with Prince circa 86-87. Why don’t bands dress like this anymore?