Component Pania Of the Reef Remix 09 copy

We have some new works on paper from the Cut Collective as a part of our current Paper, Scissors, Stock exhibit. Here are a few of my faves from the show. hyper jump over the the store to see all the works from the show.

Flox Huia copy

Flox Fantail copy

Trustme No Place Like Home copy

Kool Punx Not Dead copy

Enforce One The Hunt copy

urbis - 1

urbis - 2

The gang from Urbis were in Hawke’s Bay this week working on a design feature for the region, visiting the local design community. Nicole, Pita and Emily had a hectic schedule but managed to pop in for a chat and a snap. Keep an eye out for the upcoming issue. Hopefully we make the cut and i’m really hoping i get some of our product featured. Fingers crossed.

Knight Light

Our good friend David Moreland was featured in the Viva section of the NZ Herald yesterday and picked two of our prints in his top 10 design picks. We came in at number 2 just behind his own creation, the Knight Light. We own one of David’s Knight Lights and it used to sit next to my bed until my daughter decided she liked it so much and claimed it for herself.


Have been sitting on this one for a couple of years now and thought it must be time to share it. I came accross it from my man Si aka Downtown Brown. It’s the man himself, Submariner doing a nice mash of Blondie and Beyonce.

You got me trippin’.

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Bayley Collins creates these crazy collages and we have now produced a t-shirt with her. Owl in Bunny Suit as worn by the artist. Check out her blog guesswhatyouforgot.

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I have a secret sunday morning tradition, I play early morning golf and then afterwards i go and look for breakfast and at the early morning sunday markets there is a kai cart called Tino Pai Kai. I highly reccomend the Rewana Special. The signage rocks as well and apparently i’m not the only weirdo who thinks their signage is ace. Some people do orchard signage, i do kai cart signage.

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Manu Bennett stopped in and hung out while in Napier. Manu is an actor living in Australia and is back in New Zealand for the filming of Spartacus, a TV show in the vein of Xena and Hercules.


The Warrior for when you need help to fight the power.


Due to unforeseen circumstances the opening scheduled for the evening of 17th July has been canceled. We will still have the work on exhibit but there will be no opening.

On Friday the 17th July House of Aroha will be hosting the Cut Collective’s print exhibition, Paper, Scissors, Stock.

Paper, Scissors, Stock” is the Cut Collective’s second Napier show and follows the major collaborative exhibition ‘Common Ground’ held at The New Dowse in Lower Hutt.

It’s back to basics time now, with a print show featuring limited edition silkscreens from the Cut Collective (Component, Enforce1, Flox, Kool & Trustme) and friends Team Aroha.


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hyper link over to the web store to see what’s on sale.

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Coxy popped into town for a building convention and stubbled accross our store. He had a few Cray Bay stories of his own and was keen to get hooked up. I found out that in his spare time he’s either surfing or fishing. Nice!

aroha-3d - 1

aroha-3d - 2

aroha-3d - 3

Here is a new product i have been developing. It’s my favourite aroha typo-graphic water cut out of recycled rimu and soaked in pure tung oil. It measure 135mm wide x 85mm tall and has a depth of 40mm and retails for $120

The good people over at opera kitchen asked me to design and print them a t-shirt for their staff. We decided to go for a fruity theme with different coloured tees and a design that will work in three colours or just one. Here is the result.

ok kitchen - 1

ok kitchen - 2

ok kitchen - 3


Simon from Rhombus rocks a custom Love Supreme Tee.


Julian from France is getting shaka on his Cray Bay custom sweat. It’s cool, we did a little surf hikoi to cray bay with Julian so he knows where it’s at.


Our American buddy is down for the cause and has been schooled in the struggle of the Polynesian Panthers.



Brett is our Aussie mate and is feeling the Warrior and Aroha Napier.



Clayton is all the way from Cairns via Pukekohe and sports a Pania Doily and Leanne Culy’s Kowhai Cross.


Here’s the latest track by Professor Dynamite. Vocals by Margot Wuts and Clarinet+Saxophone by Anton Wuts.
Lose Yourself In My World – Professor Dynamite
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I was asked by the Sunday Star Times to supply some images of the store for their 36 hours in Napier column. The pics were never used so i decided to post them here.






i have just cataloged some of our prints and updated the store… bout time! here are some new and old prints we have available for custom printing.