Simon from Rhombus rocks a custom Love Supreme Tee.


Julian from France is getting shaka on his Cray Bay custom sweat. It’s cool, we did a little surf hikoi to cray bay with Julian so he knows where it’s at.


Our American buddy is down for the cause and has been schooled in the struggle of the Polynesian Panthers.



Brett is our Aussie mate and is feeling the Warrior and Aroha Napier.



Clayton is all the way from Cairns via Pukekohe and sports a Pania Doily and Leanne Culy’s Kowhai Cross.


Here’s the latest track by Professor Dynamite. Vocals by Margot Wuts and Clarinet+Saxophone by Anton Wuts.
Lose Yourself In My World – Professor Dynamite
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I was asked by the Sunday Star Times to supply some images of the store for their 36 hours in Napier column. The pics were never used so i decided to post them here.






i have just cataloged some of our prints and updated the store… bout time! here are some new and old prints we have available for custom printing.









The new self titled E.P. from Electric Wire Hustle has been released in Japan. It’s pretty hard to get it here in New Zealand but the guys at Conch have been trying the hardest to get a few copies for the locals. These guys are huge.. maybe the next big thing to come from Aotearoa. I want this bad. Album cover artwork by Jeffrey Docherty, a New Zealand born designer living and working in New York.


Here’s the third serving of the ‘Mashed Kumara’ courtesy of Who Dunnit. The mash tastes good when you add a bit of brown sugar aye? : ) Instrumental version on the B side. Enjoy!

A Side: So Long Sugar

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Download So Long Sugar

B Side: So Long Instrumental

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Download So Long Instrumental


The next 7″ in this series comes from Papa Ra and finds International Observer hooking up with Floetry at the late night cafe and on the flip side Flying Lotus and his Tea Leaf Dancers with a blend of Clara Hill.

Side A: Getting Late

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hyperlink Getting Late

Side B: No Tea

[media id=6 width=440 height=20]

hyperlink No Tea


This is a podcast mix by DT from the Hold Up, the first in a series of podcasts from House of Aroha. enjoy!

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New from our man Kotahi this is the first release from a label that doesn’t exist and pressed on a 7″ that doesn’t exist. Get it before we get caught.

Side A- Uptight

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download uptight

Side B – Shadow Adidas

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download shadow adidas


“Paper, Scissors, Stock” is the Cut Collective’s first Auckland show of the year following the major collaborative exhibition ‘Common Ground’ which is still currently running at The New Dowse in Lower Hutt.
It’s back to basics time now, with a print show featuring limited edition silkscreens from the Cut Collective (Component, Enforce1, Flox, Kool & Trustme) and special guests Misery and Brother Charlie.
Join us for the launch of these brand new prints (and some fresh t’s) at CCHQ. 38 Poynton Terrace, behind St Kevin’s arcade.




Sarah Maxey is a talented illustrator and typographer and has a company calledNice Workwho produce some very nice stationary items including these lovely gift cards, this native bird series is hot with hand rendered illustrations and nice use of filling in solid areas with printed textures. Reminds me of a children’s book about a caterpillar.






Aimee makes these great artworks from recycled record covers. They are a great way to adorne any wall and is a good use for some records you probably don’t want to listen to anymore. retail: $70


When Mara T. K. called in on us we hit the bro up to jump in front of the computer and using the mic on the mac he recorded some vocals and harmonies for our store theme tune/soundtrack. We have produced a batch of rough cuts and here is one of them for you to hit.



Designed and curated by Spike. Here is New Zooland, we are not too sure if it’s a sports team or country, maybe a skate label. whatever it is we will get to the bottom of it. Spike, pictured here, is a local boy now living in London with his family and he is proud of his new tee and can’t wait to show his dad.

Shit, we got some talent in this country. recently, as part of the winter season, two NZ labels have released NZ CD compilations that are only available as a free give away when one purchases one of the labels items. 


With their first volume, MisteR present Patchwork. Patchwork is, at the core, an electronic compilation, spanning local electro soul like Ladi 6 and Parks with their Verse 2 project and a darker tune from Benny Tones with Mara TK (an Aroha favourite), to more up tempo bits form the likes of Pitch Black and Sambora from Shapeshifter. All in all it’s a nice wee compilation of good local bits.


Into their fourth volume is the new compilation from Kowtow called Cedar and Steel. As the title suggests it’s a bit of an organic folk, blues, acoustic album with some really good songwriting and a few bands that you probably haven’t come across. We have always been a 10 guitar kind of country and this is a nice departure from the expected and shows that NZ has a great folk underground movement.


Thanks to Julia at Studio Home Creative for the nice things she said about Piiata Lights and our own products. It’s always nice to have nice things said, i have enough bad to last me for a while…

Check out the Studio Home Creative Blog here : : >




Piiata Lights is a family affair colab with partners, Ngawaiata and Peter Baker. The couple produce these great light boxes with simple words in te reo maori (kupu maori). Ngawaiata has a background in fine arts and practices painting, Peter is a sculptor and when not on the golf course you can find him teaching Spatial Design at EIT.

Ngawaiata has always had a thing for words and has produced word based imagery for Workshop Denim and Nature Baby. The words are all hand cut and each box is lovingly constructed by Peter.

Check it in the online store here

Chur K1 for the link… here is a video of the Ohmz playing at Sacred Hill Winery in HB during Harvest Weekend. nice little version of Express Yo’self.


1. remember to photograph people in their tees
2. ask people to send in pictures of them wearing their tee wherever they are in the world…
3. upload pictures of customers in their T-shirts to blog.





I have been meaning to add some of these images for a while now. These are a few pics of some of the beautiful people that have purchased one of our customised organic tees.

If you are the proud owner of one of our tees please send a pic of you with it on and we would love to put it up on our site.


February was both the month that J Dilla was born and passed. It’s been 3 years since he passed and still his mark on music is massive and almost everyday i hear a new dilla piece i have never heard before or missed the first time round.

Suite for Ma Dukes initially began in 2007, on what would have been Dilla’s 33rd birthday, when Niño & Atwood-Ferguson recorded and released their strings, brass and reeds-only version of J Dilla & Common’s “Nag Champa” to DJs, producers and fans over the internet for free. They had written the entire piece to accompany the record as a their tribute to Dilla, feeling that the producer was still in the track not by his presence but by his absence.

The 4 tracks on Suite for Ma Dukes cover Dilla’s productions from “Antiquity” and “Nag Champa”, A Tribe Called Quest’s “Find a Way” and Slum Village’s “Fall in Love”.

here are a few links i have found about the project for you to check.