Adrian Thornton is a screen printer with loads of years under his belt. He likes to cut stencils prints with just one screen and up to twenty stencil layers, these complex prints that would normally be avoided by traditional screen printers.



If you find yourself in Hastings in the next month or show check out his show.


Just been working on website for Perry Davies (aka the birdhouse man).

A quick sit down and chat with Kirsha Whitcher from Salasai, a unisex fashion brand based in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. We talk about preparations for New Zealand fashion week and her future plans to move to Perth.

During July we visited Perry Davies at his studio in Ongaonga, Central Hawke’s Bay. We discussed his recent work making birdhouses from recycled and up-cycled materials. Perry has a background in printmaking and furniture design and recently relocated to Central Hawke’s Bay where he established the Stockroom Gallery.

The thing i love about this country is how one day you can be on top of a mountain in the snow and the next day you can be at one of the best left hand points. I just wish my body could take the knocks and the cold.



We have some new editions of some old favorites. These are Giclee fine art prints on heavy art paper measuring 400 x 400mm


More of a buffalo gentleman. Low res and lots of dot gain.

Te Wepu is based on the famous flag flown by Te Kooti and captured from Ngati Kahungunu. The crescent moon is a portent of a new world, and the red cross is the fighting cross of the Archangel Michael. The mountain represents New Zealand, and the bleeding heart the suffering of the Māori people.


I’m in an Omar kind of mood today and this tune is a banger. Produced by Zed Bias, this creative partnership serves up the goods. Look out for a new album in the not to distant future.


No wonder Kelly Slater hasn’t made it to Jbay.

Check out some of the action here

A new print for the shortest day of the year. Time for the garlic and onions to go in the garden.

$150 unframed silk screen
edition of 50
signed and numbered by artist

Have been really loving this album and in case you would like to sing along but end up humming some because you don’t know the words then these lyrics should help.


Nga iwi e! Nga iwi e!
Kia kotahi ra te Mo-a-na-”nwi”-kiwa
e-i-a-i-e ———–

Kia mau ra! Kia mau ra!
ki te mana motuhake me te aroha
e-i-a-i-e ———–

Wahine ma! Wahine ma!
Ma-ra-nga mai, Ma-ra-nga mai, kia kaha
e-i-a-i-e ———–

E tama ma! E tama ma!
E tama tu, E tama tu, tama ora!
e-i-a-i-e ———–

Nga iwi e! Nga iwi e!
Kia kotahi mai te Moana-”nwi”-kiwa
e i-a i-e ———–

E papā Waiari,
Taku nei mahi
Taku nei mahi,
He tuku roimata

Ē aue, ka mate au;
E hine hoki mai rā
Ē aue, ka mate au;
E hine hoki mai rā

Māku e kaute
Ō hīkoitanga
Māku e kaute
Ō hīkoitanga

Me he manu rere ahau e,
Kua rere ki tō moenga,
Ki te awhi tō tinana,
Aue, aue!
E te tau, tahuri mai.

Kei te moe te tinana,
Kei te oho te wairua,
Kei te hotu te manawa,
Aue, aue!
E te tau, tahuri mai.


Tūtira mai ngā iwi
Tātou tātou e
Tūtira mai ngā iwi
Tātou tātou e
Whai-a te marama-tanga
me te aroha – e ngā iwi!
Ki-a Katapa-tahi,
Ki-a ko-tahi rā.
Tātou tātou e.
Tā – tou, tā – tou E!!
Hi aue hei !!!


1. Tomo mai e Tama mā ki roto, ki roto
I ngā ringa e tuwhera atu nei,
Ki ngā mōrehu o te Kiwi e,
Ki ngā Tama Toa o tēnei riri nui.

Hoki mai, hoki mai ki te wā kāinga,
Kua tutuki te tāmanako,
Kei te kapakapa mai te Haki, te Haki
O Ingarangi i runga Tiamana e.

2. Hoki ruarua mai e Tama mā
Ki ngā iwi e tatari atu nei,
Kua mahue atu rā ngā tini hoa
Ki runga whenua, iwi kē.

3. Na Te Moana rā ko te Wikitoria,
Hei whaka-maumahara-tanga e,
Ki o rātau tinana kei pāmamao
Ki o rātau ingoa kei muri nei.


Taku wairua ora e
tupu taku kino nei e?

Aue, te mataku e
Karekare, ka ma-tau e
Karekare, ka ma-tau e

Ka rū, Ka rū,
Ka te hī au e
Ka rū, Ka rū,
Ka te hī au e
Ka rū, Ka rū,
Ka te hī au e
Ka .. hae – re .. ki .. te .. o – ra .. mōu ..

Ka haere, ka haere
Kau-mā-tu-a e
Karekare kaumātua e

Ka rū, Ka rū,
Ka te hī au e
Ka rū, Ka rū,
Ka te hī au e
Ka rū, Ka rū,
Ka te hī au e
Ka haere ki te ora mōu……

Wairua ana rei
te mataku nei e


Tōia mai te waka nei
Kūmea mai te waka nei
Ki te takotoranga i takoto ai
Tiriti te mana motuhake

Te tangi a te manu e
Kūi! Kūi! Kūi!
Whitiwhiti ora!
Hui e, tāiki e.

i just have a thing for black and white.

OK, so here is a little rework of our logo and some work i was playing around with over a year ago. good things take time i guess.

My grandmother would spend all day in the garden, it was her pride and joy and she loved growing food and also the creative side of growing flowers and landscaping the earth.

Depending on your taste you may or may not relate to this one but for me it stops at pig head.

made this for the hui hui exhibition this friday. have been playing around with this idea for ages… glad to finally nail it.