I think i have a thing for simple black prints on nice white paper.

Nestrest by Dedon

A new print for today. Needed to get back into the swing of things and make some new work. printed on nice white paper or recycled card.

A new batch of linen tea towels hand printed by Leanne Culy.

P/P Yellow Bird, Brian Culy $200.00 framed only. approx 360mm x 280mm

P/P Orange Bird Brian Culy $200.00 framed only. approx 360mm x 280mm

P/P Camellias Brian Culy $200.00 framed only. approx 360mm x 280mm

P/P Blue Jugs Brian Culy $200.00 framed

coming summer 11/12

celebrating 10 years of rockwell with designs from all the past collections mashed onto this canvas and leather travel bag. due summer 11

An exhibition by eleven local artists. Adrian Thornton, Anna Fuhrer, Cat Haslam, John Bucklow, Kate Cavanagh, Kelli Greene Caldwell, Phil Baker, Nga Waiata, Rakai Karaitiana, Tom Allan, Wellesley Binding.

One night only. 6:30pm, Friday June 10, 50A Ossian Street, Ahuriri, Napier

Rake Mini Simmons
5″8′ x 23′ x 3

Had this one designed for the bigger guy like myself. lots of volume and width.

The Paddle Pop is the original Bob Simmons inspired twin keel planing hull Features large square tail for maximum planing, rolled hull entry, single concave from midpoint to the tail.

5’4″ x 22.5 x 2 3/4″

these sweet mini simmons boards have just arrived from rake. a thing of beauty with a resign pigment/tint and hand foiled twin keels.

Slicker than whale shit on a iceberg the Foam Glide is a total speed machine shorter thicker & wider, This simmons inspired twin keel planing hull has a is similar outline to the Paddle Pop but has the rail line of a longer board minus the extra foam in the nose features squared off shovel nose & swallow tail. Designed to be ridden super short ,Surfs best between 6-8 ” shorter than your regular board.

-Hand foiled marine ply keel fins

-Four ounce bottom with double 4 deck & tail patch

-Shorter fuller outline

-Rolled hull entry for lift

-Single Concave from midpoint through to fins

$1300 NZD

New issues of Oyster, Frankie, V, Another, VOGUE Italia and many more in store now.